Brompton P Line Folding Bicycle


$ 2,950.00

P Line

Ready To Pickup/Ship in 24-48hrs

The lightweight transformation.
Next level frame. Next level componentry.
A next level ride. 

Weighing 1.85 kg less than the C Line model, P Line is lightweight performance, folded and unfolded. This meticulously engineered machine thrives on city
roads with its titanium rear frame, forks, and all-new suspension block.
Next-level componentry and enhanced portability features make it faster to
ride, lighter to carry and easier to move around the city in every way.


Urban (4 speed):
Designed in-house, the new superlight compact gearing system is fine-tuned for city riding. The 4-speed system with an all-new 60-gram derailleur is meticulously engineered to fit inside the narrow fold. Delivering a similar ratio to the 3-speed and 60% more than the 2.

Special Edition: CHPT3 4th Edition


Metallic Black Metallic Grey CHPT3



Handmade in London since 1975.

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