Brompton Owners: Voluntary Recall Notice

Brompton has issued a recall notice for the factory installed bottom brackets in Bromptons manufactured between Apr 2014 and May 2017.
Serial #s between 1403284144 and 1705150001.
More info can be found here: Brompton Voluntary Recall Notice

The replacement bottom brackets are coming into the shop in small batches.
The job should require no more than a 30 minute wait.
This being a one-man shop, the wait could be more on a busy day like Saturday.
Contact me to schedule a time that is good for you or to get on the list as replacement bottom brackets become available.


Upgrades to the Dahon Mariner

New Mariner D8 adds a gear,
moves to a Shimano trigger-shifter drivetrain with a cassette rather than a freewheel,
gets a silver powdercoating instead of the clear finish,
and raises the price by only $20 to $599.


Price Drops

Cargo Node
Was $1800, now $1399

With 350 lbs of carrying capacity, big wheels and an ultra-stiff handlepost, it’s a full-sized cargo bike, yet it folds down to 1/3rd its total volume in only ten seconds.

Verge X18
Was $2300, now $1699

From the cockpit through the drivetrain to the ultra-strong 20 in aero wheels, the Verge X18 delivers a complete road bike experience in a bike that fits under your desk.




2018 Tern Electric Folders

On top of the two electric folders Tern now offers,
the Vektron and the eLink D7i,
Tern has announced two more electric models coming this Spring:
a lower cost version of the Vektron, the new Vektron P9,
along with the much talked about GSD.

Meet The GSD

Open Streets St Pete
29 October - Central Ave

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