16" - 349 Tire

$ 34.99

For Bromptons and Bike Friday Tikits/Pakits and others.

Brompton Tyre - 16x1-3/8(37-349)
Stock tire on Brompton bikes with reflective sidewall.  The Bromptoneers go to tire.  Lightweight with good protection.

Marathon - 16x1.35(35-349)
The archetypal high quality touring tire. The highly elastic GreenGuard layer is 3 mm thick. One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. The “Anti-Aging” sidewall can withstand the typical cracking that results from  overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure for much longer.

Marathon Plus - 16x1.35(35-349)
Schwalbe’s best selling model. The most puncture resistant pneumatic tire there is.  In addition to the superior puncture protection it features many inner values:  Rolling resistance. The patented, 5 mm thick SmartGuard layer, when compared to all generic products, has a significant advantage in rolling resistance.  "Anti-aging“ side wall. It now lasts much longer before developing unsightly cracks when subjected to use with too low air pressure.

Kojak - 16x1-1/4(32-349)
Its home is the road. Although the fast, sporty, tread-less slick is light, it still has a RaceGuard protection belt and reflective labels. 

*These tires are not to be confused with 16" 305 tires found on other folding bikes like the Dahons.