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Since 1962
Moulton Bicycles

Moulton Bicycles are custom ordered through the shop from the Moulton factories.  
Delivery times vary by model.

Moulton The core Moulton range has been refined through over 50 years of design and engineering development. The range includes models for all cycling pursuits from versatile ‘all-rounders’ through to ultimate touring machines.

SPEED - The 'greyhound' of Moultons. An agressive riding position, adjustable leading link front/Hydrolastic® rear Moulton suspension and a sub-9kg weight make the all-stainless steel Moulton SPEED the perfect choice for performance-orientated Sportive riders. $11825

JUBILEE - Originaly introduced to mark the Golden Jubilee of the iconic Moulton bicycle, the JUBILEE has been created as the perfect model for the longest or shortest of rides, on the smoothest or roughest of roads. It is the ideal touring machine. From $5725

XTB - The Moulton XTB brings full-suspension comfort to all kinds of terrain - paths, trails, tracks and gravel roads. Proven and durable Moulton suspension helps to stick your tyres to the ground for efficiency and safety, as well as absorbing shocks from bumps and dips in the trail. From $4395

SST - A step on from the iconic TSR, the new SST features a new chainstay ‘X-brace’ frame reinforcement, with an adjustable mudguard mount. Frame weight has been reduced with a round-tapered chainstay, lighter rear fork upright tube, and smaller stirrup block height. From $3750

TSR - A superb entry-level Moulton. Ideal for the leisure cyclist and those who often leave the tarmac behind, the TSR is a true 'go anywhere bicycle'. An all round performer, travel in true Moulton comfort on a variety of terrains. From $1875