More maneuverable.
Easier acceleration.
The fold is a bonus,
the small wheels make them fun.
This is your everyday bike.

Perfect for crowded pedestrian areas and the stop and go riding while sightseeing or moving through the city.  Practical for their space-saving, multi-modal-transport-easing, secure-from-thieving qualities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Prices start at $449 

A little more design and construction goes into a quality folding bike.
You should expect to pay a little more than a comparably spec'd "normal" bike.

A lot of budget-priced bikes come through the shop with unreliable hinges and questionable components.

Expect to pay:
$500 to $700 for a good entry-level bike.
$800 and up models would meet everyday riding needs.
Brompton customers build bikes averaging $1500 to $1900.
Electric models run $2799 and up.

There are lots of brands with lots of models. 

So, I stock the bigger companies.  They have the experience, customer service, and warranties you'll want.  There are dozens of models to choose from ranging from simple around-towners to self-supported tourers to bikes built for speed.

You don't have to pedal faster. 

Gearing!  These bikes offer the same gear range as larger-wheeled bikes. Models for the steepest climbs and the fastest flats.

They are not hard to ride. 

Not the one's I sell at least.  It's true that as the wheel size get's smaller, the steering gets quicker, twitchier.  Good manufacturers take that into account and adjust their geometry accordingly, even taking advantage of that feature.  Most the bikes in the shop have the same wheelbase as a full-sized bike making for a maneuverable yet still stable ride.  For the reasons most people want a bike for, small wheeled bikes are easier to ride then their larger wheeled brethren.  Easier to get going, easier to maneuver at low speeds.

They average 26-27lbs.

From 22lbs for a speedy roadster to 32lbs for a loaded tourer.
The electric folders run 48lbs.

Rider weight limits run 230lbs for most of the bikes. 242lbs on the Brompton.  

They are easy to fold.

Most take just a few seconds.  The fold soon becomes second nature. 

You can go long distances.

Distance is time on bike.  Time on bike is about comfort.  As long as you are comfortable, as long as the fit is good, there are big advantages to touring with a folding bike.  From less expensive travel to and from your start and end points, to more flexibility with itinerary changes using multi-modal public transportation.

Parts are not hard to find.

Aside from the actual folding mechanisms, most of the components on a folder are the same components found on non-folding bikes.  The parts are readily available or orderable through bike shops and most mechanics are able to work on them the same as any other bike.

Electric bikes are here.

The shop stocks and services some of the nicest electric folding bikes on the market.  Models from Tern and Brompton.  These bikes are higher end Class 1 ebikes, and as such they are not equipped with throttles. The shop does not service other brands of electric bikes nor convert acoustic bikes to electric.

It makes sense to buy from 2||Fold.

All the price savings, none of the worry.  On top of dealing with a most honest salesman and thoughtful mechanic for your pre- and post-purchase needs, incentives are given to make buying from me, both locally and online, the best deal around.

All bikes receive 90 days free labor and 90 days of discounts on most accessories.
Certain models $1299 and up purchased in-state receive a Florida Discount to help pay down some of those local taxes.  

Explore more than just your destination’s antique shopping strip.  Forego the hassle of strapping a full-size bike onto your car and the constant locking and unlocking of it outside every shop.  Placed in the trunk, you still have plenty of room for your beach gear and souvenirs.

Take your bike inside.  Put it under a desk.  Keep it out of the elements and away from the thieves.

That dorm room is pretty small.  Or that apartment has crowded roommates.  Surely the professor wouldn’t mind a small folding bike tucked under your desk or sat in the corner of the room.

That cumbersome cruiser clogs the sidewalks and the bike racks.  You just wanted to enjoy the weather and grab some veggies.

Ride to the bar.  Have your toasts.  They’ll be room in the taxi or your friend’s trunk to get the bike home.

Don’t limit yourself to walking distance.  Venture beyond the campsite without cluttering up your home away from home.

Some days that new coffee shop seems a little too far to walk to but way too close to drive. Pick up your folding bike, go and get back with ease.

See the sights when you get to shore without sacrificing your leisure space.

Bad weather rolling in ahead?  Change of plans?  Call a cab or hop on a train.  They'll have the room for your folder and you'll have the extra money you saved from not paying the airlines their oversized bike fee.

Be the envy of your fellow disembarkers while making the most out of your limited port time. Travel beyond the immediate tourist trappings to discover the true character of your cruise ship destination.


Test Rides All Day!!!

Take a quick ride around St Pete's Magnolia Heights neighborhood.
That'll answer most of your questions.

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