Moulton Bicycle - NS Models


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Since 1962
Moulton Bicycles

Moulton Bicycles are custom ordered through the shop from the Moulton factories.  Delivery times vary by model.  Prices are the UK RETAIL (UK £) converted to US dollars at time of shipment from England.  No further markup.  Shipping from 2||Fold paid by customer.

Moulton NS - The Ultimate ‘New Series’ (NS) Moultons feature the finest stainless steel Space-frame architecture, coupled with Moulton’s exceptional Flexitor® anti-dive front suspension (unique to this series) for supreme ride comfort and breathtaking looks.

NS DOUBLE PYLON - The ultimate Moulton takes space-frame construction to a new level. Stainless steel 'pylons' replace head and seat tubes to further increase stiffness. Sublime ride comfort and breathtaking looks. From £19,950

NS SPEED - For those who love to ride... FAST. The NS SPEED is the lightest in the New Series range. Advanced Moulton Flexitor® and Hydrolastic® suspension systems keep the tyres on the tarmac and absorb shock, increasing comfort and speed. From £15,000

NS MARATHON - The next generation of comfort and speed, the NS MARATHON features advanced Flexitor® front suspension, Hydrolastic® rear suspension, and a lighter, stiffer, stainless steel frame. From £9,950


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