Brompton ELECTRIC C Line Folding Bicycle


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Electric C Line
The Classic All-Steel Folding Bike.
Original design
refined for modern cities.


Urban (4 speed):
Everything you need, nothing you don't.
-Ideal for shorter rides
-Fewer gears for flatter rides.
-Lighter weight

Explore (6 speed):
Go anywhere.  Do anything.
-Most Versatile Option
-Designed for longer rides
-More gears for hillier rides

Explore (12 speed):
Go anywhere.  Do anything.
-Even easier to ride up and down hills
-The ability to ride even faster or slower
-Smaller steps between gears
-Even more possibilities



Gloss Black Turkish Green
Flame Lacquer Black Lacquer
Bolt Lacquer Blue 
Bumblebee Yellow
Racing Green
Matcha Green



Handmade in London since 1975.

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